Wheelchair Accessible Hire Toilet

The Nottingham 10K is back for 2024, all abilities are catered for, with wheelchair accessible hire toilets along the route. This event is always a firm favourite in the city’s running calendar.Returning with an exciting new and improved city centre route. This year’s Nottingham 10K run started in Old Market Square, where most of the … Continued

Wheelchair Accessible Hire Toilets

Persons with a physical disability or mobility impairment, especially wheelchair users, can rely on the G&S Toilet Hire Ltd wheelchair accessible hire toilets for safe, comfortable, convenient sanitation. At today’s private and public events, formal or informal, wedding, concert, fair, festival or party, wheelchair-accessible toilets aren’t just extras, they are essential. In fact, every end-user … Continued

Plastic Hire Toilet – The Industry Standard

G & S Toilet Hire Ltd use recirculating flush plastic hire toilets. This is a version of our most popular standard model portable plastic hire toilet that allows waste to be flushed away after each use. Because this is an important feature all our customers appreciate! Additionally some of our plastic hire toilets are equipped … Continued

Yorkshire Toilet Hire

Yorkshire Toilet Hire company GS Toilet Hire Ltd have had an record breaking 2023 season. Including toilet hire for hundreds of festivals, sporting events, fetes and fairs. We covered every weekend and every bank holiday with plenty for the dedicated G and S Toilet Hire team to do! This is alongside the weekly upkeep of … Continued

Wheelchair Access Hire Toilets from GS Toilet Hire

Wheelchair Access Hire Toilets This weekend has been very busy for GS Toilet Hire, you are bound to have seen us in and around West Yorkshire this weekend in Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Bradford and neighbouring regions. With our wheelchair access hire toilets and plastic hire toilets at a range of events from Light Up … Continued

Charity Hire Toilets from GS Toilet Hire

Charity Hire Toilets GS Toilet Hire have been as busy as always providing charity hire toilets. GS Toilets are taking many bookings for a variety of events next year and ensuring our toilet hires are received on time and in the absolute best of conditions across West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. This past weekend … Continued

2017 Toilet Hire

2017 Toilet Hire Please arrange your 2017 toilet hire requirements as soon as possible.The last weekend before the school holidays end is undoubtedly a busy time for everyone. We at GS Toilet Hire are happy to provide convenience hire to a whole number of events and we are happy with the positive feedback we have … Continued

Garden Party Toilet Hire from GS Toilets

Garden Party Toilet Hire Another successful week has passed at GS Toilet Hire with many happy customers across West Yorkshire and surrounding areas. The team has been kept busy with our usual rounds, maintaining our long term toilet hires, restocking and keeping them up to the high standards of cleanliness we strive for. Each weekend … Continued

Best Toilet Hire Huddersfield

Best Toilet Hire Huddersfield Best Toilet Hire Huddersfield at WANNASEE Music Festival GS Toilet Hire were at Greenhead Park, Huddersfield for the recent festival where tribute artists such as Bruno Mars, ABBA, Queen, Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi were performing alongside Huddersfield band The Scandals. The services available included Toilet Hire, fairground rides, food stalls … Continued

Yorkshire Toilet Hire

Yorkshire Toilet Hire Yorkshire toilet hire supporting the re-enactment of history at The Yorkshire Wartime Experience Although the work is hard at GS Yorkshire Toilet Hire, in Bradford recently, whilst servicing the toilets hired for the event, the lads were able to enjoy seeing some of the enactments taking place and were amazed by the … Continued