Plastic Hire Toilet – The Industry Standard

G & S Toilet Hire Ltd use recirculating flush plastic hire toilets. This is a version of our most popular standard model portable plastic hire toilet that allows waste to be flushed away after each use. Because this is an important feature all our customers appreciate!

Additionally some of our plastic hire toilets are equipped with a floor-mounted, foot-operated flushing pump for sanitary, hands-free use and a weighted flapper valve that conceals waste. The unit features two separate filters at the bottom of the tank that filter out solids and flush the tank with existing water from the tank. As a result, its an ideal setup to provide all our customers with a clean, sanitary toilet without having to worry about access to fresh water. Additionally for an extra level of sanitation, an optional sink and paper towel dispenser can be added.

As a result, if you’re looking for a practical, economic, and water-saving portable hire toilet, the ones supplied by G&S Toilet Hire Ltd are the very best. Call us on now 07930 391011 to order yours.

Features include

  • Maximum ventilation
  • Roomy interior
  • Anti-slip floor surface for improved safety
  • Occupancy signal latch
  • Two tissue rolls
  • Sanitary seat deck and floor design
  • Translucent roof for better lighting

Advantages over other units:

  • Spacious design has 17 percent more interior space than other standard units in the industry.
  • Easy to service and clean, thanks to advanced waste tank design with rounded slope top and conveniently placed deep central sump.
  • Door-mounted mirror and handle standard
  • Heat-treated aluminium doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
  • Non-splash urinal standard


  • Exterior Height 91 in / 231 cm
  • Interior Height 82 in / 208 cm
  • Exterior Width 43.5 in / 110 cm
  • Interior Width 41 in / 104 cm
  • Exterior Length 47 in / 119 cm
  • Interior Length 41 in / 104 cm

Ring G&S Toilet Hire now on 07930 391011. Because you will get the best priced toilet hire in Yorkshire

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