Wheelchair Access Hire Toilets from GS Toilet Hire

Wheelchair Access Hire Toilets

This weekend has been very busy for GS Toilet Hire, you are bound to have seen us in and around West Yorkshire this weekend in Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Bradford and neighbouring regions. With our wheelchair access hire toilets and plastic hire toilets at a range of events from Light Up A Life; Christmas Tepees in Ilkley; car boots and a number of construction sites.

Wheelchair Access Hire Toilets

In Pontefract the Prince of Wales Hospice hosted a ‘Light Up A Life’ event, a memorial of loved ones we have lost. GS Toilet Hire provided two single green plastic toilet hires for this event. These toilets can be place practically anywhere and are fully self contained, complete with hand soap and paper products! This event raises money for the hospice as well as letting people remember their loved ones in this festive period by lighting up a light and the names of the lost loved ones go in the Book of Lights. This event brought people together through hymns, readings, candle lighting and memories. A successful event for the Prince of Wales Hospice and enjoyed by all those who attended.

Ilkley Park has again this year become host to the Christmas Tepees, created by Bar Events UK, this two week event with bars, dining tents and Santa’s Grotto, is an alternative to the Christmas Markets. GS Toilet Hire has provided a host of convenience hire for the Christmas Tepees including our Four Bay Trailer Toilets and Wheelchair Access Toilets. The Four Bay hire toilet is perfect for events with large crowds such as this as it prevents large queues and come complete with not only hand soap and paper products but towels, hand lotion, mirrors and mood lighting. This creates the perfect ambiance for evening events such as these. GS Toilet Hires’ Wheelchair Access toilet has a spacious design and is fully self-contained, providing the perfect convenience for anyone! This event has been successful so far, as looks as if it will continue with it’s success!

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