TV Filming Hire Toilets from G&S Toilet Hire Ltd.

TV Filming Hire Toilets from G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. company mission statement, ‘to do things right every time’, ensures that any customer of G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. receives an excellent product and personalised service. Working hard to maintain this truth has meant that G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. have been off to a flying start this January, with many bookings coming in for throughout the year. These bookings have included several weddings in Hopton, Harewood and Cumberworth, Car and Dog Shows across West Yorkshire over the summer months, and multiple charity events during the year, including runs, walks and family days. G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. have also had bookings for construction works and many re-booking’s for annual events from existing satisfied customers!

TV Filming Hire Toilets

Recently G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. have been working with a TV Studio providing our quality toilet hire to several filming locations over Manchester and Liverpool. We have been delivering and siting our 1+1 toilet trailer to these locations. These are a perfect choice for filming as our 1+1 toilet trailers do not require any outside plumbing ensuring G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. can site them in almost any location, they also come equipped with lighting which can be battery run, ideal for any late night filming! Our 1+1 toilets are two separate toilets each equipped with porcelain toilets and sinks and mirrors. They are also fully stocked with hand soap, hand lotion, towels and paper products, so the customer has nothing to worry about and can enjoy our conveniences. At G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. we offer an Attendant service with any of our toilet hires. This had been requested during the filming and meant that the toilet hires could move location, were kept pristine and adhered to the Health and Safety of the site. TV Filming Hire Toilets jobs are always popular with G&S Toilet Hire Ltd. staff as it gives them an insight into the making of some of our favourite shows!

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