Yorkshire Toilet Hire

Yorkshire Toilet Hire

Yorkshire toilet hire supporting the re-enactment of history at The Yorkshire Wartime Experience

Although the work is hard at GS Yorkshire Toilet Hire, in Bradford recently, whilst servicing the toilets hired for the event, the lads were able to enjoy seeing some of the enactments taking place and were amazed by the range of military vehicles on display. GS Toilet Hire worked alongside a number of other suppliers to provide the best hire services. Maybe the toilets at The Yorkshire Wartime Experience at Bradford took a little longer than usual to service……… who said there were no perks in working for a toilet hire company!

Yorkshire toilet hire tank

Leeds Championship Dog Show at Harewood House

We were honoured to be selected as the preferred Yorkshire toilet hire supplier for the recent Championship Dog Show at Leeds. As much as this was a nerve wracking event for many of the dogs and their owners, it was also a testing time for GS Toilet Hire as they strove to achieve their toilet hire mission of ‘Doing things right every time’. The lads worked tirelessly to deliver the service we are proud of at GS Toilet Hire and were rewarded by a text received from a visitor to the event who paid compliment to the standard of the loo hire and, more importantly to the men they had seen looking after them who they said were polite and a credit. This was supported by a number of fantastic comments throughout the three-day event at Leeds regarding the high standard and cleanliness of the toilet hire units.

Yorkshire toilet hire trailer

We would like to thank the team who organised the event at Leeds for providing the use of a golf car as it helped us to achieve the fantastic comments received regarding the toilet hire over the event at Leeds.

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