Toilet Hire Mishaps

Toilet Hire Mishaps:
There are scores of portable toilet hire horror stories on the internet. At GS Toilet Hire it is not unusual for us to find missing items, such as mobile phones, handbags, wallets and keys in our hire toilets. We even find these items in the portable urinals after a festival! Luckily GS Toilet Hire have been fortunate not to have any of these following horror stories happen to us!
Trapped in a Hire Loo:
This is quite a common toilet hire company story that has popped up but it can happen to anybody even the celebrities! At Bestival it is reported that Calvin Harris was trapped in a portable hire toilet by the band Madness, luckily for him it wasn’t tipped over!
Mud on the Dance floor:
At the 1998 Glastonbury Festival, as infamous for its mud as its music, the dance floor became covered in inches of mud. They decided to use the toilet hire company’s toilet truck to ‘suck’ up the mud, however the truck was set to ‘blow’ instead and you can just imagine the results!
Hidden Man:
At the Hanuman Yoga festival in 2012 in Colorado, USA, one woman lifted the hire toilet seat only to find a man hiding in the waste tank covered in excrement! When he was found by the woman he got out of the hire toilet and fled the scene and was arrested, he admitted to his crimes but denied them at a later date.
Poo Girl:
The infamous ‘Poo Girl’ is a young girl who got stuck face down a portable hire toilet at Leeds Festival in 2009! As the name suggests she ended up covered in the toilet waste, the girl even has an Urban Dictionary post dedicated to her toilet hire mishaps!

Toilet Hire Mishaps
Definately Not a GS Toilet Hire toilet
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