Long Term Toilet Hire from GS Toilet Hire

GS Toilet Hire hope that everyone has enjoyed the New Year as much as we have. We at GS Toilet Hire have had a very successful 2016 with long term toilet hire and we are looking forward to the upcoming year which promises to be even better thanks to our new and existing customers!
This week the team at GS Toilet Hire are working relentlessly to ensure the high standards of our company are maintained, guaranteeing GS Toilet Hire are ‘Doing things right every time’. Starting with the personalised service we offer every single customer, including the high quality of our product, its delivery, siting and servicing. Each and every member of our team strives to maintain the quality of GS Toilet Hire’s service and look forward to continuing this well into this new year!
Travelling across West Yorkshire this week the team at GS Toilet Hire have been in Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, Dewsbury and Brighouse. In Halifax, the team have been servicing the hire toilets at Square Chapel including single green plastic portable toilets, wheelchair access hire toilets and one of our urinals. This is for a long-term toilet hire, GS Toilet Hire is more than happy to provide convenience hire for long term as well as short term hire, the team can recommend the best combination of hire toilets for the size and location of any given event!
Long Term Toilet Hirefrom

GS Toilet Hire are providing the best in toilet hire across West Yorkshire. The team have been ensuring the upkeep of the high standards GS Toilet Hire strives for in the weekly restocking and servicing of our hire toilets on both long and short term hire.
In Halifax, GS Toilet Hire have had multiple toilet on a long term toilet hire, including our single green plastic hire toilets and one of our portable urinals. These toilets are perfect for any construction site, fully self-contained so require no outside plumbing or electrics, foot operated flush and completed with a cold water sink, hand soap included! All of GS Toilet Hire’s construction toilets are fully HSE compliant and with our range of vehicles and hard working team can be placed on almost any site! A popular year round choice for anybody looking for the best in portable convenience hire suitable for construction purposes!



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