Our urinals are very popular as they minimise the queues to cubicles, perfect for larger events such as, shows and galas. Like all of our facilities our urinal is completely self-contained, requiring no outside plumbing and have a large capacity of 400 litres, equating to over 1000 uses! The urinals can be supplied with screening used to create a private section for use.


Download the specification sheet for the Pluto Urinal

Download the specification sheet for the 6-Bay Urinal

Specifications & Dimensions

  • 400 Litre capacity for over 1000 uses
  • Reduces long toilet queues at any event
  • Privacy screening available
  • HSE Compliant
  • Self-Contained unit requiring no outside plumbing
  • Finished to a high standard
  • Available for long or short term hire
  • Weekly restocking and servicing

Height: 62.9” (160 cm)

Width: 44.09” (112 cm)

Length: 44.09” (112 cm)